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1. Online Casinos- Are they all about the profit? | UK Gambling Guide
I have often wondered if there is more to online casino groups than the profit and growth. We have seen many different groups rise to fame over the last 10
/online-casinos-are-they-all-about-the-profit.htm - 21.1kb

2. Pay Per Player Better Option for Legalized Online Gambling | UK Gambling Guide
Nothing seems to be happening with the legalization of internet sports gambling in the United States, , although states that are suffering economic crisis are
/pay-per-player-better-option-for-legalized-online-gambling.htm - 21.6kb

3. US Crackdown on Online Poker | UK Gambling Guide
Forbes magazine is publishing an article in their March issue stating a case that the FBI is cracking down on two major online poker rooms. According to Forbes
/us-crackdown-on-online-poker.htm - 20.0kb

4. Redrafting the Online Poker Bill in California | UK Gambling Guide
State Sen. Rod Wright, who introduced the California Internet Poker Law Enforcement Compliance and Consumer Protection Act, surprisingly announced he had
/redrafting-the-online-poker-bill-in-california.htm - 20.9kb

5. No online gambling for N.S. | UK Gambling Guide
Nova Scotia won
/no-online-gambling-for-n-s.htm - 20.2kb

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6. EU Court strikes down Bwin | UK Gambling Guide
There was a disappointing ruling for the online gambling industry in Luxemburg on Tuesday. The European Union ruled against Bwin stating that member states
/eu-court-strikes-down-bwin.htm - 20.1kb

7. Ireland To License Online Gambling | UK Gambling Guide
The Irish head of government (Taoiseach) Brian Cowen has confirmed to the press that there will be a license fee for online casinos and bookmakers who plan to
/ireland-to-license-online-gambling.htm - 20.9kb

8. Lottery Gives Online Bettors New Entertainment Betting Odds | UK Gambling Guide
Wednesday, September 1st will be the next Powerball drawing, and online sportsbooks have found a fun way for online bettors to get in on the action. Most people
/lottery-gives-online-bettors-new-entertainment-betting-odds.htm - 21.1kb

9. Atlantic City USA Gets Web Casino Go Ahead | UK Gambling Guide
Senator Raymond Lesniak stated recently We are going to be raising World Trade Organization issues by taking international gaming in New Jersey and showing how
/atlantic-city-usa-gets-web-casino-go-ahead.htm - 20.7kb

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